Pierre Guerin Iberica

Through its Burgos factory, Pierre Guerin has enjoyed successful establishment in Spain since 1995. For several years, this factory has been producing tanks of a quality unique in Spain, a quality which has been achieved through an ambitious investment plan (laser welding, for example).

Pierre Guerin Iberica is also recognised as the industry leader in Spain in processing and storage tanks for food products, and for its machinery for the cheesemaking industry. From now on, the company can offer its clients the benefits derived from its recent Total Quality policy:

  • continuing improvements in quality
  • cost control
  • short lead times
  • improvements in equipment performance.


In order to thoroughly define the specifications of a plant, Pierre Guérin Iberica takes into consideration the optimisation of running costs and environmental protection, by:

  • minimising the installed load and power usage of agitators
  • minimising the flow rate and quantity of cleaning agents necessary
  • in every case, optimising thermal insulation performance and temperature conditioning requirements.