Pierre Guerin China

Pierre Guérin-Biolafitte is today a leading provider of dedicated bioreactors for cell culture and fermenters for microbial cultures. The booming biotechnology market in Asian countries, particularly in China was the reason we created PG China, our subsidiary, and now we plan to increase process equipment sales in the biotechnology sector.

- SELO Certification -

Pierre Guerin was granted the license in 2013 manufacturing stainless steel pressure vessels for the Republic of China. Building PG China and licensure are part of the development strategy of the company's activities in the markets of Asia Life Sciences and also for food production.

The company was established in 1949 by Mr Pierre Guerin in central-western France, the foundation for us to become a leader in the design and manufacture of specialized equipment and processes for the biopharmaceutical industries. Over the past thirty years, Pierre Guérin-Biolafitte has provided equipment to the most important pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies, but also to large universities and research institutes with an extensive sales network. Our production centres in France and Spain serve Europe but also Asia and Africa and our production Biolafitte DCI-USA services the American market (North and South America).


Pierre Guérin China

Room GHK, 4/F, Building N°3 - Lane 1505 # 100 Qing Yun Road,

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