Cleaning and sterilization in place

Hygienic control and security of your process equipment

To meet your requirements with regards to hygiene and sterility, Pierre Guerin has developed an extended range of Cleaning and Sterilization-In-Place solutions that combine both performance optimization and minimization of environmental impact.

Reproducibility and traceability of the CIP cycles 

Our design integrates the comprehensive recommendations of the Food and Drug industry norms and standards such as: EHEDG, 3A, GMP, ASME BPE and USP. The full automation of our Cleaning-In-Place units (with the exception of the lower cost Mobiclean series) ensures reliability and traceability of all operations, reproducibility of the CIP cycles and control of all cleaning parameters:

  • Flow rate – pressure (mechanical action)
  • Temperature (heating action)
  • Contact time and detergent concentration (physio-chemical action)
  • Conductivity of the final rinse, for example in accordance with USP standards
  • These systems provide full traceability of the Operational steps using dedicated « Audit-Trail » and Batch Report modules utilizing a SQL database.